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Chloe Chloe

Name : Chloe

Breed : Sheltie/Husky Mix

DOB : 06/01/2017

Gender : Female

Weight : 32.6 lbs

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Chloe is a sweetheart who didn’t receive the kind of care she should have received in her first year of life.

She was found in a home with drug dealers. Maybe she was loved by someone there but she certainly didn’t receive the kind of attention that she really needed.

But Chloe hasn’t been affected by her first year in that home thankfully. She’s still young and has a wonderful demeanor.

She’s playful, friendly and pretty too!  Her right eye is brown and her left eye is partially blue.

Chloe would likely do better with someone who works from home and is also active outdoors.

She suffers from extreme separation anxiety and needs to be with her human companion as well as get plenty of exercise.

She may even benefit from a shared activity such as agility training.

We are told that Chloe is housebroken however we cannot guarantee that she will remember this in a new home.

We suggest taking her outside frequently and using lots of praise when she relieves herself outdoors.

Similarly, we suggest praise and treats in reintroducing her to a crate in your home.

Chloe enjoys playing with most other dogs and loves people.


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