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Carl Carl

Name : Carl

Breed : Shih Tzu Mix

DOB : 05/01/2011

Gender : Male

Weight : 14.8 lbs

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Carl is considered a “Special Needs” dog due to his chronic medical conditions.

Carl is primarily a happy-go-lucky, friendly dog who is active and playful.

He looks adorable in both his fluffy long coat and his well groomed look.

We’ve recently found that he can be protective of his area around his food and bedding though.

Regrettably, this little guy also has a significant heart murmur that was detected by our veterinarian upon his health examination

After a thorough evaluation by a Cardiologist it was determined that Carl has Moderate Degenerative Valve Disease.

At this point, our Vet indicates that Carl doesn’t show any outwardly ill effects from his heart murmur and valve disease. He is very energetic and doesn’t appear to have any issues.

However, we want to let any potential adopters know of Carl’s chronic heart condition and we can’t give any guarantees as to his life span, unfortunately.

Currently, Carl is on medication for his  Moderate Degenerative Valve Disease and a special diet for his history of Bladder Stones.

We ask potential adopters to consider the costs of his life long medication needs and special diet when deciding whether or not to adopt Carl.

Currently, we estimate the special diet to cost approximately $119.00 every month and a half from Chewy.com.

His diet consists of: Royal Canin Small Breed SO Dry food  and Royal Canin Canned SO

And, his heart medication is approximately $100 a month at local veterinary clinics.  Pimobendan (Vetmedin) 1.25mg

We wish a long and wonderful life for Carl who deserves to have a loving, forever home with adopters who are dedicated to his care.