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Caleb Caleb

Name : Caleb

Breed : Chihuahua Mix

DOB : 01/01/2021

Gender : Male

Weight : 16.2 lbs

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Caleb wants you to remember his smile.

Because this is the face you will see once he gets to know and trust you.

Dogs like Caleb often get overlooked in these days of instant gratification and perfection.

People don’t realize that behind the shy barks is a good boy who just needs to take things slow.

They don’t see the wagging tail and happy grin when his favorite caregivers come to his kennel door.

They miss out on his playful side when he is outside doing zoomie runs with his sister Cassandra.

Caleb knows you don’t want to miss out on him and he feels the same way about you!

This might be your chance to slow down and enjoy the little things in life like Caleb.

He would love it if you had a quieter home and perhaps a compatible canine pal to play with too.

Caleb does enjoy hanging out with his sister Cassandra if you happen to be looking for a pair.

Are you ready to start building the bond of a lifetime with Caleb and earn that winning smile of his?

Fill out that application today!