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Brody Brody

Name : Brody

Breed : Jack Russell Terrier/Min Pin Mix

DOB : 09/01/2011

Gender : Male

Weight : 21.8 lbs

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Brody is a reserved and quiet one when he meets new people.

It’s no wonder as he originally lived in a barrel, chained under porch steps for the beginning months of his life.

Naturally, Brody didn’t receive much socialization.  But, then he was adopted by a loving owner and had a great home.

Sadly, his owner just recently had to bring him back due to unforeseen major medical issues.

Understandably, Brody has been quite broken hearted.

He has warmed up to a lot of his caretakers here but is still a little shy with some people and especially men.

We are told he was protective of his prior owner as well and could be a bit nippy with people he did not know and trust.

For this reason we will not adopt him into a home with children.

We believe he would do best in a quieter home and perhaps with another dog who could help him become more confident.

He knows basic obedience and is quite content to nap and be near you snuggling on the sofa.

Brody still has some energy too and can be found running the play yards having a great time.

Brody was previously house-trained but we cannot guarantee it.

It’s important that when he first arrives at your home, you take him outside frequently (and praise him when he relieves himself) to establish a routine for him in his new place

Brody wants nothing more than to be in a forever home again so if you think you have the love and dedication for him please contact us soon.



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