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Brittney Brittney

Name : Brittney

Breed : Jack Russell Terrier Mix

DOB : 11/01/2015

Gender : Female

Weight : 25.8 lbs

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Brittney is initially shy but curious and likes to investigate things when she’s left alone.

Once she warms up, she likes to have attention and lots of love. When left alone for a bit though, she gets slightly anxious and begins to get into a bit of trouble (such as getting into the trash, looking for things on the desk, etc.)

Since Brittney is only a couple of years of age, she’s a young dog and the type of breed who has lots of energy and needs activity to keep her busy. She does bond to her humans after a little bit of time and then is very affectionate and  looking for hugs.

If you have another dog in the home that meets Brittney and they like one another, it might be a good match!  However, if you have cats in the home, we don’t recommend looking at Brittney. Our short experience with her around cats was that she was very anxious to get to the cat in a more aggressive than friendly way.