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Breezy Breezy

Name : Breezy

Breed : Border Collie Mix: Border Collie Mix

DOB : 08/01/2017

Gender : Female

Weight : 60 lbs

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Breezy days are the best!

Don’t believe us? Well, just ask her!

This beautiful girl has an amazing outlook after all she has been through.

In fact, Breezy has a feeling that this is going to be her year and it begins with you!

Last year was pretty “ruff” for her.  She was found abandoned on the side of the road with 6 puppies in tow.

Breezy was also battling heart worm at the time, but she somehow managed to keep her puppies alive.

As she went through months of treatment here her puppies all found forever homes.

Breezy found a home shortly after them, but it just wasn’t the right fit for her.

She would love a more active lifestyle where she can keep both her mind and body busy.

But, also a quieter home without a lot of hustle and bustle.

She adores people and will give you her paw to prompt you to give her a few more back scratches!

Breezy is incredibly smart so challenging her with skilled activities could be a great way to build a bond.

She will also benefit from activities which build her confidence as she is still a little nervous with new situations.

Breezy is understandably a little anxious from all of the changes she has gone through in a short period of time.

So, we hope you will be patient as she gets to know you and her new home slowly.

Walks on leash combined with a healthy diet will help her lose a little of that extra weight from kennel rest during her heart worm treatment.

We cannot wait to see her personality develop now that she is free to run and play!

And, with you by her side the future looks bright!

Breezy says to hurry up and fill out that application today or she will do it for you!


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