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Ariel Ariel

Name : Ariel

Breed : Domestic Short-Hair

DOB : 04/27/2023

Gender : Female

Weight : 6 lbs

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Introverts meet Ariel!

We know you are out there looking for your purrfect match.

And, Ariel just may be the one for you.

Sometimes we introverts can get a little grumpy when there is too much noise or activity.

We just wanna have some peace and quiet, but our kitty neighbors are literally climbing the walls.

Ariel simply likes her alone time and interaction on her terms.

Like most of us, she just prefers having a couple of really good friends to a bunch of acquaintances.

Her siblings Flounder, Ursula and Sebastian are helping her to feel a little more at home here.

But, she would prefer to be in a quiet home of her own with you!

So, fill out that application and then come and spend some time with Ariel.

After all, introverts need to stick together because it’s “peopley” out there!


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