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Abe Abe

Name : Abe

Breed : Beagle/Whippet Mix

DOB : 03/01/2011

Gender : Male

Weight : 31.4 lbs

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Abe is a sweet and mature dog looking for his forever home

Abe loves people and also lived with dogs at one time.

We’ve found that after being in a home, Abe appears to want to be dominant over young children so we do not want to adopt him into a home with small children.

Abe is an escape artist.  So he will require constant supervision in a fenced yard.  Leash walking should be fine with him.

We are told Abe is house-trained but we cannot guarantee it. It’s important that when he first arrives at your home, you take him outside frequently (and praise him when he relieves himself) to establish a routine for him in his new place.

Abe knows some commands, still likes to play and mostly loves to be close to his trusted caregivers.

He loves treats and especially gentle when taking them from you!

Please schedule a visit with Abe if you are interested in him.

Abe is a true sweetheart and would love to be in a forever home.