Wish List

We are always in need of never used, soft squeaky dog toys, sterilized bones, treats and bedding for the dogs and cats. (One can only sew/repair torn squeaky toys so many times). If you are interested in donating any of these items, please drop them by the BAAC or give us a call at 304-724-6558. Thank you!

*Kongs and Kong ingredients. Read more about those here:

Our standard of care for the animals is of utmost importance to us. That means we are constantly in need of cleaning tools, cleaning products, towels, sheets and many other items, such as:

  • Gift Cards: (Gift cards and Monetary Donations are always needed):Home Depot, Lowes, Petsmart, Petco, Walmart, Target and Grocery stores
  • Linens:Sheets (Flat sheets only please-no fitted sheets), Towels, Blankets, Comforters, Bedspreads, Dog beds, Cat beds
  • Cleaning Items:Pine cleaner, glass cleaner, Clorox Cleanup, laundry detergent, bleach, liquid laundry detergent, dryer sheets, paper towels, scrub brushes, brooms, mops, Litter for cats (Scoop away, Fresh Step, Tidy Cat, clumping and non-clumping)
  • Dog Treats:Milk Bones/Biscuits (various sizes)
  • Cat Treats:Soft and crunchy treats for cats such as Friskies, Whisker Lickins, Temptations, Meaty Morsels, etc.
  • Toys:Dogs – Nyla Bones, Kong Balls, Kongs, Rope Throws, Frisbees, Plastic Swimming Pools (No Squeaky Toys please)Cats – Carboard scratch Pads, Toys, Cat Tunnels (Sorry, we cannot use any carpeted items. All bedding and toys need to be machine washable).
  • Dog and Cat Food:At the BAAC we keep our dogs and cats on one specific high quality dry food in order to avoid gastrointestinal problems.However, we work with several local rescue groups to help feed the many strays and neglected animals in more rural areas. Any dry or canned food is deeply appreciated and will be distributed promptly to help many needy animals. The brands we currently use for the BAAC’s animals are:
    • Dry Dog Food – “Hills Science Diet” – Puppy, Adult and Senior
    • Canned Dog Food & other food items – Pedigree, Canned Green Beans-No Salt, Canned White Chunked Chicken, Plain white pasta, White Instant Rice.
    • Dry Cat Food – “Hills Science Diet” – Kitten, Adult and Sensitive Skin and Stomach
    • Canned Cat Food: – Friskies and Fancy Feast

Additional, larger items on our wish list:

  • Electric or Gas Golf Cart to drive to the back of our 24-acre property and to take visitors on tours of the property. We would be thrilled to receive a used cart, two seater (or larger would be even better!)
  • Lawn tractor and bushhog
  • Agility equipment – UPDATE: We received sets of agility equipment for the dogs from two wonderful volunteers in September 2017!

Of course, as always, any and all donations are deeply appreciated. Thank you!