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Daphne Daphne

Name : Daphne

Breed : Terrier Mix

DOB : 4/1/2010

Gender : Female

Weight : 35 lbs

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Daphne has had many looks while she’s been with us. This is her well-groomed look. Daphne’s normal coat is longer and very curly..Daphne has been adopted out before and returned. When she was younger, she would chase the children to herd them and nip at their heels.Since that time and in growing older, Daphne bonds to her adult human companions and then acts protective of them by growling at strangers.However, when corrected by the person she is with, she stops growling.We are looking for a home for Daphne that has no children due to Daphne’s nature to be protective.We think Daphne would be a great companion for a single individual or couple who is wiling to verbally correct Daphne if she begins to growl because she’s being protective.With her human companion that she bonds with and loves, Daphne is a dedicated and loyal dog.