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Pippi Pippi

Name : Pippi

Breed : Mixed Breed

DOB : 10/15/2023

Gender : Female

Weight : 14.6 lbs

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“Pip Pip” hooray! Pippi is ready to go, go , go!

Pippi is an energetic gal who prefers keeping busy to being a couch potato.

Her favorite pastimes are zoomies, chasing toys, greeting neighbors with an adorable woof and you!

She would probably enjoy getting some of those puppy “ya-ya’s” out with the help of a compatible canine.

Pippi says she knows a little basic obedience and cannot wait to learn more by your side.

Activities that stimulate the mind and body will help to keep this pup a happy girl.

You may even consider agility classes, K9 nosework, fly ball, frisbee and more!

Pippi suggests you start with building up the basic obedience and go from there.

With lots of love and positive reinforcement from you, the sky is the limit for this sweet girl!

So, run on in here and meet your running partner today!

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