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Peanut Peanut

Name : Peanut

Breed : Great Dane Mix

DOB : 02/29/2012

Gender : Female

Weight : 95.6 lbs

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Peanut is a gentle giant with a big heart.

She and her pal Gunner were surrendered by their owners due to a move to an apartment from a larger home and yard.

Gunner was barking quite a bit perhaps due to a lack of exercise and attention in the new smaller environment.

The two pals are very sweet.  They love attention and affection from everyone they meet.

Peanut will lean against you for scratches and rubs!

They would love to have a bigger yard again or at least the exercise and attention they deserve.

Peanut and Gunner are pals but they do not need to be adopted to the same home.

However, if you are looking for two dogs they get along quite well together.


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