Love for All Animals Matching Gift Challenge - Briggs Animal Adoption Center

Our dear friends at the Gerald B. Shreiber Foundation are animal lovers just like you and me. In fact, Mr. Shreiber—who has had many rescued animals of his own—has graciously supported the work of our parent organization, The National Humane Education Society (NHES), for over 20 years … and he has offered to match any donation you’re able to make, dollar for dollar, up to $20,000!

By donating today, you’ll help NHES stock our clinic with medicines and surgical supplies that will save the lives of more animals. And, in addition to providing shelter, veterinary and rehabilitative care for more rescued animals, you’ll also support our critical humane education programs—bringing us one step closer to ending animal cruelty and neglect.

Any gift you can send will be DOUBLED and go TWICE AS FAR to help the animals you love through our Love for All Animals Matching Gift Challenge.