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Zazoo Zazoo

Name : Zazoo

Breed : Jack Russell Terrier Mix

DOB : 09/20/2020

Gender : Male

Weight : 20.7 lbs

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Zazoo says, “Yahoo!”

He sees you checking him out and he can’t be more excited.

Excitement is the name of the game with Zazoo.

He has some of those typical terrier qualities of being a busy guy.

But, it is all in good natured fun and it might be a great way to build a bond too!

Activities like k9 nose work, basic obedience, agility, hiking and more are a great way to keep him active.

Shared hobbies that exercise his mind and body are ideal for keeping this smart boy happy.

Zazoo also loves to be close to his favorite people and hasn’t turned down a belly rub yet!

With all the changes he has been through he is a bit anxious about going through more.

Just give him the time he needs to settle in and trust that his home is forever.

It is amazing what love, patience and trust can do for us all.

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We know you are wondering about the purple color of Zazoo’s fur.  No, Zazoo didn’t try out the Easter Egg dyes. We think whoever abandoned him used a hair dye or other pigment on his fur.  Thankfully, it did not hurt him or do any permanent damage and it will wear off in time. For now, Zazoo will just be more colorful.  We do not support or recommend ever dying your pet’s fur and we are very glad that it did not do any harm to this sweet guy.