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Winnie Winnie

Name : Winnie

Breed : Siberian Husky Mix

DOB : 08/15/2023

Gender : Female

Weight : 40 lbs

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Who’s ready for a howlin’ good time?

I’m your girl! I’ll always volunteer to be the life of the paw-ty.

I am a good natured, loyal and friendly gal with lots of energy to burn.

Hey, it comes with being part Husky! As does my talkative nature.

I can hold my own in a conversation and the 100 yard dash for squirrels!

When it comes to smarts, I am top of my class.  And, I would love to learn more with you at the lead.

Just be prepared for my independent moments when I pretend I can’t hear you.

Equal parts affection and “me time” really make day!

And, if you are a go getter who likes to stay active then we could be a great match.

I would make a terrific buddy for hiking, running and more! Pretty much anything we can do outdoors.

Fenced yards don’t provide enough activity for me. I can tend to find ways out of them if you aren’t watching me.

What can I say? I just always want to find out what’s on the other side of my fence.

If all of this sounds like your cuppa Husky come on in and visit me today.

Let’s seize all the days together! Carpe Dog-em!

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