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Wendi Wendi

Name : Wendi

Breed : Pointer/Dachshund Mix

DOB : 05/11/2021

Gender : Female

Weight : 36.3 lbs

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Wendi wants you to sit and stay.

You may be saying isn’t that what Wendi is supposed to do?

Well, yes that is true.  But, you see Wendi already learned how to do both.

So, she wants you to sit awhile and let her get to know you slowly.

Because her heart was broken when she was separated from her brother and returned recently.

And, she is understandably confused having lost the only home she had known.

Wendi wants you to stay because she never wants someone to give up on her again.

She hopes you will be willing to help her be the best dog she can be!

Wendi is incredibly smart and motivated to learn anything you will take the time to teach her.

She also hopes you have experience with understanding the way canines communicate.

We are told that in her previous home she had some episodes of resource guarding.

We have yet to witness this behavior with Wendi, but potential adopters should versed in behavior modification or willing to learn.

Wendi had a bright and shining spirit when she left us the first time and we cannot wait to see her happy again.

A quieter home without small children would be ideal to help Wendy feel more comfortable.

Most of all though, she just needs you to stay and she promises to sit next to you through life if you will do the same.