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Wally Wally

Name : Wally

Breed : Domestic Short-Hair

DOB : 05/10/2023

Gender : Male

Weight : 6.5 lbs

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Wally wants to chat.

He has so much to talk about!

It will probably start with how he got here. (see below)

He won’t spend much time on that subject because there are far better things these days.

For instance, all the walking cat tress in this place.

We keep telling him they are humans and not trees, but he still tries to climb all the legs he sees.

Perhaps it’s because he wants to be close or maybe it’s just his fearless nature.

Next, he will tell you all about the “Mew” toys he gets to play with and how he loves chasing them when tossed.

Then he will purr sweet nothings in your ear to close the deal on all the cuteness.

We dare you to resist this little chatty “Cat-sonova” and we bet you will fill out an application as quickly as you can!

To see additional photos of me head on over to my Petfinder page by clicking here.

Just be sure to come back to my BAAC page to fill out an adoption application or information request.


*Wally is one of 14 kittens and 3 adult felines found discarded on the grounds of the BAAC in a single overcrowded cage.

Thankfully, they were found quickly as these babies were in dire need of help from our Veterinary staff.

These tiny kittens were covered in fleas, malnourished, dehydrated and were all suffering from minor to severe eye infections.

Some have made quick recoveries and others will spend some time in foster homes while they continue to recuperate.  

These kittens are now a part of the BAAC family and we will make sure they get the care they deserve while they wait for their future forever families. 

You can help by adopting, donating and spreading the word about our available animals. 

Unwanted litters like these can be prevented by spaying and neutering your pets. 

If you need assistance with spaying and neutering your pets please contact Spay Today