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Violet Violet

Name : Violet

Breed : Terrier Mix

DOB : 11/01/2017

Gender : Female

Weight : 45 lbs

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Violet is a wonderful mother and an all around great dog.

She was thankfully pulled from a kill shelter while pregnant and eventually ended up here at Briggs with her five sweet puppies in tow.

Violet has been a terrific mother to her pups teaching them the do’s and don’ts with gentle but stern cues.

Her puppies Valerie, Van, Vicki, Victor, and Vince are very well adjusted thanks to their mom.

Violet is a sweet girl who is very affectionate and enjoys the company of her human caregivers.

She is also very playful and loves to chase her toys. She loves to run zoomies in the play yards at full speed.

Violet does have a prey drive and so extra care should be given when walking her or when she is off leash in a fenced area.

She is very smart and knows some commands but would benefit from basic obedience training.

This training often helps build a bond between the new dog and it’s caregiver in the home.

We were told that Violet was housebroken in her previous home but we cannot guarantee it.

We suggest taking her outside frequently and praising her when she relieves herself outdoors to help reinforce the positive behavior.

Violet has a lot going for her and we hope she will find her loving, forever home soon.