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Vance Vance

Name : Vance

Breed : American Eskimo Spitz

DOB : 05/26/2015

Gender : Male

Weight : 17.7 lbs

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Vance can be a very sweet fellow.

But, he can also be a little nervous with new things and people.

He is not always predictable and has the potential to bark if he feels uncomfortable with you.

This can be a common characteristic with the American Eskimo Spitz breed as well.

For this reason we do not think he is a good fit for a home with young children.

Don’t get us wrong, Vance would be a great dog in the right home.

And, it was only due to his owners medical condition that he ended up here at Briggs.

Vance is a handsome fella who just wants to be in his own home again.