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Bell Bell

Name : Bell

Breed : Terrier Mix

DOB : 09/01/2016

Gender : Female

Weight : 26.2 lbs

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Bell (aka Tina) is waiting for you.

She is waiting for you to see who she really is.

That little barking gal behind the kennel door is not the real Bell.

That’s the face she puts on because she is anxious in a kennel environment.

And, day after day strangers walk by never giving her a second glance.

If they only knew the real Bell it would be a different story and more than one life would change because of it.

When you become one of Bell’s “people” she will show you her loveable self.

It’s a happy girl with a playful side and a loyalty that won’t quit.

Bell loves to play and enjoys the company of other compatible dogs too.

Her favorite playmates seem to be smaller male dogs.

Bell can leap tall buildings in a single bound. Well, not really.

But, she is an amazing fence climber.  Therefore potential adopters should be watchful even in a sturdily fenced yard.

She loves to leash walk and this may be the better solution to her escape artist antics.

Bell would benefit from a quieter home and a having a compatible dog in the home may help to build her confidence.

They can also be helpful in showing Bell that they trust you.

Potential adopters should also have experience with fearful dogs and how to handle them.

Bell has been known to nip out of fear when approached or touched by strangers.

For this reason we will not adopt Bell into a home with small children.

We would love to see Bell in a true forever home with adopters who know how to help her become her best self.

So, all of you people with hearts of gold send in those applications today!

There is no limit to all the great things Bell can be with your love, support and guidance.

She just needs you to give her the time to show you the real her.


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