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Tasha Tasha

Name : Tasha

Breed : Siberian Husky Mix

DOB : 08/30/2021

Gender : Female

Weight : 65.3 lbs

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Tasha is ready to run!

Because this girl knows how she likes to have fun.

All the things that take lots of energy seem to be her specialty.

Zooming here and there without a care, but always with great love to share.

She does it all with a friendly smile and always wants to walk that extra mile.

Her perfect fit would be with someone who does lots of outdoor activities.

Sharing hobbies and learning tricks perhaps just starting with retrieving sticks.

So, if you think this gal is for you we hope you know just what to do.

Fill out that application for Tasha today…then get ready to start teaching her sit and stay!


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