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Tamera Tamera

Name : Tamera

Breed : Maltese Mix

DOB : 06/01/2012

Gender : Female

Weight : 11.7 lbs

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Bonded pairs don’t come much cuter than Tamera and her BFF Tika.

Sometimes we wish our animals could talk and tell us about all they went through before coming to us.

What we do know is that these two sweethearts didn’t receive the love and care they so deserved.

Tamera takes the lead in most of the pairs affairs with her sweet gentle nature.

She likes people, loves a good scratch and enjoys being close to her favorite caregivers.

You will always find these two close to one another whether curled up for a nap or out in the play yards.

The pair would do best in a quieter consistent home environment without small children.

Additionally, a home with a fenced yard is required as these girls are not able to be leash walked currently.

These little ladies developed an incredible bond over the years together, but they are still missing something… YOU!

We know you are out there with a heart as big as theirs and a home filled with unconditional love.

Ready to build a bond for a lifetime with Tika and Tamera? Fill out that application today!

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