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Stewart Stewart

Name : Stewart

Breed : Chihuahua Mix

DOB : 05/24/2019

Gender : Male

Weight : 7.6 lbs

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This little love is Stewart.

He came in with his siblings and mother who have all since been adopted.

Stewart has a congenital malformation of his vertebrae causing a bony formation and hump like appearance on his back.

Because of this he has a slightly abnormal gait and some lack of coordination in his rear legs at times.

He doesn’t let that stop him from playing though and afterwards he loves to snuggle for a nap.

Stewart will need basic obedience training and potty training in his new home.

Stewart can be protective of his favorite lap and toys with some other dogs.

It will be important that his potential adopters know how to redirect such behaviors in a positive and gentle manner.

Although his back appears stable at this time we are requiring that he go to a home without small children and large dogs for his safety.

A quieter household would benefit him as would keeping him on one level of your home.

Stairs may be difficult for him due to his size and medical history.

We also want potential adopters to know that we cannot predict how Stewart’s health will be affected by this later in his life.

Potential adopters should consider the costs of veterinary care down the road should the need arise for Stewart.

It is easy to fall in love with this little guy.  We hope to find him a loving and dedicated forever home soon.