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Spencer Spencer

Name : Spencer

Breed : Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix

DOB : 09/09/2021

Gender : Male

Weight : 14.4 lbs

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Are you ready for a Spencer adventure?

You see Spencer and his brother Simpson are Catahoula Mixes who were born ready to run!

So, that means these guys are going to need an active home to fit their energy levels.

These boys love to play, run and just get outside for fun. So, these guys are looking for a home that can keep up.

Some tips for providing the best home for a working breed dog are:

  • Starting basic obedience training early using positive reinforcement and continuing to more advanced skills throughout their lives
  • Giving them a job to do – hobbies like k9 nose work, agility, hiking, trick training and more 
  • Allowing for a minimum of an hour a day of exercise (hopefully much more!) 
  • Socializing with both people and other pets (using techniques learned by your licensed obedience trainer)
  • Providing mentally stimulating toys during your downtime because when you are tired they are still ready to go!

Keeping these brothers physically and mentally active will be the key to everyone’s happiness in their forever home.

So, if this all sounds perfect to you please fill out that application today and start your adventure with Spencer!