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Snoopy Snoopy

Name : Snoopy

Breed : Shepherd Mix

DOB : 04/18/2019

Gender : Male

Weight : 46.7 lbs

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You be my Charlie Brown and I’ll be your Snoopy.

You and me are meant to be.

We both started out as underdogs and survived a lot to get here.

We like to take things slow when meeting new friends.

Once you are in our inner circle, it’s for life!

We like to look up and not back.

We love hard and enjoy the little things in each day.

Like those walks sniffing the breeze and feeling the grass between our toes.

The simple things are the best things!

We thrive with lots of love, patience and kindness.

Sound like you? Then you might just be an underdog too.

Did you know that when two underdogs get together, there is nothing we can’t do?

So, fill out that application and come spend some time with me.

I think you will find we were made for each other.


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