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Skippy Skippy

Name : Skippy

Breed : Hound Mix

DOB : 12/03/2021

Gender : Male

Weight : 13.2 lbs

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Yippee Skippy!

What’s not to love about this guy?

He is the confident, fun loving, and adoring side kick to your life story.

His playful nature is endearing and his most favorite thing is you!

Skippy is already keeping a journal full of all the things he wants to do with his forever family.

And, he said we could share some of them (we will try to translate for you where needed)…

  1.  Learn big dogz stuff like tics and O bee dee ants (we think he means tricks and obedience training)
  2.  Sweeps in a cozy bedz near my fam-wee
  3.  Go on adbenchurs and sniff tings! (adventures and sniff things)
  4.  Wots of goodz ear scratchy, bell-wee wubs and hugz for me and kisses for dem.
  5.  Make sure my furevah famwee knowz I wub dem  (he wants to show you how much he loves you)


We think it sounds like he is on the right track already! Ready to commit to a lifetime of caring for Skippy?

Fill out an application today!



If you are interested in adopting Skippy please read below:

We know that Skippy will be extremely popular and we expect to receive a lot of applications for him.  Please understand that we will be thoroughly going over each application before selecting potential adoptive families for a showing.  The process also includes a determination as to whether or not the potential adopters and household are the best fit for this little guy. We will not be doing any showings without an approved application.  As with all of our animals we want Skippy to have the best opportunity for success and a happy, healthy life.   We know you want the same!  Please be patient with our adoptions staff as they go through all of the applications.  They will reach out to you if you are selected to come in for a showing with Skippy.  And remember, we have a lot of great dogs just waiting for the opportunity to be your best friend!