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Ryder Ryder

Name : Ryder

Breed : Long-Haired Chihuahua

DOB : 08/01/2017

Gender : Male

Weight : 5.7 lbs

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Ryder is an adorable little guy with a big personality! He is considered a “Special Needs” dog.

The reason for this is that he came to us with a severely fractured pelvis and was unable to walk or move when he arrived. We were told his previous owner had run over him in the driveway of their home. They had wanted to breed him. The owner(s) said they couldn’t afford to pay for his surgery so Ryder was given up.

Within a day of receiving Ryder here at Briggs, he became very sick. He was passing large amounts of blood and had no appetite. Even though we administered fluids, medication and took x-rays, Ryder continued to get worse. In the next 24 hours, we feared we were going to lose him.  We didn’t know if the blood loss was due to the fractured pelvis which could be causing an internal injury. Weighing under 5 lbs., Ryder was running out of time and losing what strength he had.

We were amazed to see him pass so much blood and even though we were told he had been de-wormed, our veterinarian believed it would be best to de-worm him again. After administering that medication, Ryder began passing huge amounts of parasites and we realized that the parasites were what had been causing all of his blood loss.

The next morning, we were thrilled to see that Ryder was up and wanting to eat! He had improved so fast that we were sure this little guy was going to make it!

In the past months, we’ve had our veterinarian and an orthopedic surgeon care for Ryder. Ryder has healed on his own to the point that he can run and play with the other little dogs and just walks with a little bit of limp. He does not show any pain and is a very happy boy. The veterinarians agree that to attempt a surgery on his hip right now could actually cause Ryder more problems. They do not recommend surgery at this time and feel it would not be a good idea to perform the hip surgery as long as he is doing so well.

We can’t guarantee to any adopter that Ryder will not need surgery down the road at some point.  He could jump off of furniture or run and trip which could aggravate the old fracture. However, if he’s not put into a situation where there is a lot of activity where he could accidentally be stepped on or he could become injured again, we’re hopeful that he will continue to be his happy, loving self.

For this reason, we don’t want to place Ryder in an active home with young children or with large dogs. Ryder does like other small dogs and is actually quite attached to our 3-legged Dachshund, Tilly. (He also does well with cats.)

Also, due to Ryder’s “Special Needs” we ask that potential adopters consider the cost and dedication to his rehabilitation that Ryder could encounter one day. Ideally, we would like for his new home to have had previous experience with small dogs with fractures and/or injuries that had to be monitored. A family that is financially fit to handle such a surgery down the road is important too.

Ryder is a very playful fellow when out with his play group friends in our yards.  He loves to romp and run just like any other dog.

He is also quite the snuggle bunny and is content to sleep on your lap or curled up in your arms.

This sweet boy has been through a lot and we have all grown quite fond of him here.

He certainly deserves a wonderful forever home of his own and we hope that he finds one soon

Ryder is an example of the amazing power that dogs have to adapt and overcome adversities!