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Ruth Ruth

Name : Ruth

Breed : Hound Mix

DOB : 01/01/2020

Gender : Female

Weight : 28.8 lbs

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Ruth and her siblings need you.

They need you to be patient, kind and show them unconditional love.

You see Ruth, Rita, Ria and Shorty came from a neglectful breeders home where they were kept in an overcrowded pen.

These sweet dogs were never shown the love they deserved and it is up to you to change their world forever.

Ruth tends to play the role of big sister and she watches over her siblings with great care.

She adores her favorite caregivers too and is a completely different dog when she feels safe in their company.

Ruth and her siblings all have hearts of gold and truly want to trust people.

It may just take a little time and the right person or family to help them along.

They love each other and other dogs. In fact, in may be helpful to them to have a compatible dog in the home.

Additionally, it would be helpful to have a fenced yard so that you can build a bond slowly before adding leash walking.

A quieter home without small children or a lot of activity would be best for these siblings.

If you think you have the heart and forever home for Ruth or her siblings please fill out an application today.

But, be warned… building bonds with these siblings will be life changing as they are sure to steal your heart!


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