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Polly Polly

Name : Polly

Breed : Beagle

DOB : 09/14/2014

Gender : Female

Weight : 14.6 lbs

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Polly and her little sister Holly came to us in a very neglected condition and are quite shy

The sisters are Pocket Beagles which are known for their smaller size.

They are a bonded pair and must be adopted together.

Despite never having been loved or cared for they both never stop wagging their tails.

Polly seems to be just slightly more timid than her sister Holly.

Both of these sweet girls will need some time to learn to trust people again.

It should be noted that they both like to dig so they will require supervision in a fenced yard or

leashed walks to help prevent them from getting lost. 

If you are interested in giving these girls the loving, forever home they so deserve please

consider making multiple visits to help gain their trust.