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Pip Pip

Name : Pip

Breed : Chihuahua

DOB : 09/03/2019

Gender : Female

Weight : 14 lbs

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Pip, Pip Hooray!

That’s me! I’m Pip!

I am the other half of a bonded bestie duo with my sister Sophie.

We had a loving home up until recently when our favorite person passed away.

It has been a hard adjustment losing our home and our person all at once.

But, people here are showing us lots of love while we wait for you!

We are already training them on how to have their lap ready for us.

And, how to expect the unexpected kisses we give too!

If we can’t be on their lap then we prefer a nesting bed made for two.

We love to be close to you and each other because we have so much love to give.

We like short walks on leash.  And, we like to weave back and forth to keep you on your toes.

If you have a fence yard be sure it’s secure and also keep an eye on us in it.

We can jump, climb and scoot under fences that you wouldn’t think we could.

Did you say tasty treats? We love those too. But, most of all we really love you!

We can’t wait to make lots of memories with you, so fill out that application today.

Sophie and I can’t wait to make you ours forever.


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