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Penne Penne

Name : Penne

Breed : Labrador Retriever Mix

DOB : 01/07/2023

Gender : Female

Weight : 51.5 lbs

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Do you have the right ingredients for me?

I am sweet, so you can be the salty one!

We can mix it up playing in the yard with my favorite toys.

And, you can watch me get a little al-dog-te in the baby pool! (I made a pasta joke there ha!)

I love to get my splash and splash on!

My absolute favorite thing is playing with my doggie friends.

If you have the three C’s in your home that would make me pretty happy! (Confident Canine Companion)

You may even consider adopting me and one of my playmates.

I would love to take my time getting to know you, so come see me often!

We can build a bond here and build on it when we go home.

I can’t wait for all the things we will learn together and the adventures we will have!

Just give me your love, patience and a lifelong commitment. I promise to do the same.

Life is just a bowl of Penne.  So, fill out that application today!

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