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PeeWee PeeWee

Name : PeeWee

Breed : Mixed Breed

DOB : 03/08/2024

Gender : Male

Weight : 10.7 lbs

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Born to be wild and a whole lot of fun!

Who’s ready to take on the world with me?

We can start with some extra fast dashes in the yard just to warm up.

Then we can cool down with some belly rubs (for me) and a breather for you!

Next up we can test all the dog toys for squeakability and chewability.

I can entertain you with this task in case you are still worn out by those zoomies.

After all of that I might be ready for a nap if you have a lap to spare!

Now that we got the first 30 minutes of the day out of the way what shall we do next?

Maybe a little obedience training with some of those amazing dog treats we got at the store?

I can’t wait to learn and grow with you! So, hurry on in because we have so much to do!

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