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Nita Nita

Name : Nita

Breed : Chihuahua/Dachshund Mix

DOB : 03/01/2021

Gender : Female

Weight : 20.1 lbs

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Nita is waiting for you to make her day.

You see, Nita didn’t have the easiest start to life as a neglected tiny puppy.

She was nursed back to health here at the BAAC and eventually she was made ready for adoption.

Nita’s hopes were high when she was adopted by what she thought would be her forever family.

And, they were dashed when she was returned several months later by no fault of her own.

Our hearts were broken too because we thought we had placed her in a home that was committed to her.

But, hearts are mending here with the days that go by. And, Nita is starting to act like that sweet tiny puppy we knew once again.

Nita knows that everything happens for a reason and that the amazing family she is meant to have is out there.

She knows that this time around she will finally get to experience all the things she missed out on the last several months.

Nita is all ears waiting to learn everything you are willing to teach her and she wants to share in your adventures too!

She loves to play with toys, snuggle up on her cozy bed and get all the attention you can give. (including lots of belly rubs please)

Once you meet this little gal with the winning smile you will want to make her day, week, month and life.

She intends to do the same for you!  So, shake her paw on it and let’s give you both a happily forever after.

Just fill out that application today and start planning all the ways you intend to live life to the fullest with Nita at your side.