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Maynard Maynard

Name : Maynard

Breed : Hound Mix

DOB : 05/01/2014

Gender : Male

Weight : 71 lbs

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Maynard is sweet but all things are new to him so he’s quite nervous in the public and needs time to adjust.

He was given up by a person because they said he wouldn’t hunt. It’s clear that Maynard hasn’t had much socialization because when we walk him around Briggs, he tucks his tail and starts salivating, wanting to go back to his kennel.

Maynard is a sweet dog but will need time to adjust. Right now, we are just trying to acclimate him to his surroundings by taking him on walks. He’s beginning to show improvement and just needs that extra time to get to know new people.

At this time, due to his nervousness in new surroundings,  Maynard will require a home with a securely fenced yard.

If anyone is interested in getting to know Maynard, we would welcome them to come and do visits with him so he can relax and get to know them.

Please check out Maynard’s Homeless Hearts video here: