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Marigold Marigold

Name : Marigold

Breed : Mountain Feist Mix

DOB : 04/28/2018

Gender : Female

Weight : 13.7 lbs

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Marigold is all ears waiting for you.

She is hoping to hear you say that you want her to be your forever dog.

And, who wouldn’t want Marigold?

She is a bundle of happy energy with a tail that never stops wagging.

Marigold adores playing, sitting in your lap, back scratches, belly rubs and you!

This sweet Mom kept her 8 babies alive and well despite being neglected by her owners.

Through those years without veterinary care Marigold developed some pretty severe dental disease.

She had to have several teeth removed while under our care, but she is recovering well.

A diet consisting of soft/wet food will be beneficial to her health and well-being in her new home.

Marigold doesn’t seem bothered by it and will gobble up soft treats and wet food with delight.

Her current high energy level could be due in some part to anxiety from the kennel environment.

Having a consistent quiet home where she can feel safe and loved will be a tremendous help to her.

Marigold has a lot going for her and she certainly has earned the “good life”.

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