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Marcy Marcy

Name : Marcy

Breed : Chihuahua Mix

DOB : 11/23/2017

Gender : Female

Weight : 7.2 lbs

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Marcy is a constant stream of energy!

She’s playful, sweet and wants to have your attention 24-7! This little girl knows what she wants and she means to get it.

Marcy likes other dogs and wants to play. Sometimes she’s a bit too much for some other dogs however.

This girl is very loving but be prepared to work with her as she is growing. She will require some basic obedience training (which people hesitate to do to cute little puppies sometimes). But this is very important so she doesn’t grow up into being a bossy adult.  Positive correction on her behavior will teach her what is expected from her and should help her grow into a happy and friendly adult.