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Mambo Mambo

Name : Mambo

Breed : Pekingese

DOB : 09/26/2016

Gender : Male

Weight : 13.2 lbs

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Mambo can’t wait to dance his way into your heart.

He suggests that you start with some ear scratches (for him) and pecks on the cheek. (for you)

He likes to take things a little slow, as all gentlemen do.

Once you are his favorite all bets are off, so be prepared for lots of adorable affection.

This handsome little guy lost one eye due to an injury.

But, he doesn’t need two eyes to see you are the one.

After all, you have a heart as big as his and lots of love to give too.

We think you are going to want to make him your dance partner for life.

So, come on in and meet this dashing little man today!