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Maisy Maisy

Name : Maisy

Breed : Jack Russell Terrier Mix

DOB : 05/01/2013

Gender : Female

Weight : 19 lbs

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When Maisy first arrived at Briggs, she arrived with her babies on the way. She was a good Mom to her pups but very afraid of her new surroundings and strangers.

Maisy has been with us over a year while we’ve been trying to get her to come out of her shell and feel more comfortable around people.

She is bonded to some of her caretakers and isn’t as fearful as when she first arrived but she will take some time to begin to feel comfortable in her new home so her new adopters will need to be patient people. She will also require a home with a fenced yard.

We were told that Maisy was kept outside and it didn’t appear she had received much socialization.  Since being here at Briggs she does enjoy playing with some of the dogs so if you have another dog at home, it’s very possible that if Maisy and your dog like each other, Maisy will come around a little quicker since she’ll have another dog to spend time with. But we can’t guarantee that.

Maisy is currently featured in one of our Homeless Hearts’ video. Check it out, here!