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Luna Luna

Name : Luna

Breed : Labrador Retriever Mix

DOB : 01/20/2018

Gender : Female

Weight : 49.2 lbs

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Luna is excited to meet you!

This gal is enthusiastic about life and just wants someone to share it with.

Do you like long walks on the leash, hiking, and just being active?

Well, Luna might just be your kind of dog!

Luna loves playing fetch and will trade toys with you for as long as you want to keep throwing them.

Belly rubs are probably her next favorite.  Oh wait, she just barked at us and said no they are her very favorite actually!

We stand corrected Luna girl!

She has a sweet side too and is just waiting to show you love.

Luna is completely over kennel life and is ready for life 2.0 with you.

She wants you to know that the dog behind the kennel door is often misleading so take the time to get to know her with a few visits!

High energy dogs have a harder time with cooped up kennel life and are often completely different dogs in a forever home.

With Luna’s athleticism she may be a great candidate for some k9 activities like agility, frisbee and more.

Just start out with basic obedience and then work your way to advanced with this highly intelligent girl!

We can’t wait to see the bond you will build together through shared active hobbies.

She smiles because she knows you are here for her.  You will smile when you realize you are the center of her world.

If you think Luna sounds like your kind of gal please fill out an application today!


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