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Kody Kody

Name : Kody

Breed : Shiba Inu

DOB : 09/16/2018

Gender : Male

Weight : 9 lbs

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Kody is a playful Shiba Inu puppy with a winning personality

His owner sadly had to give him up for medical reasons but not before bestowing lots of love on this sweet boy.

Kody was also starting to learn to sit, fetch, leave it and had even learned some potty training thanks to his prior owner.

He will still need some refresher courses in basic obedience and potty training as he was just in the initial stages of learning these.

Kody’s breed type is originally from Ancient Japan.  They are known for being highly intelligent and loyal dogs.

Early socialization and consistent obedience training are highly suggested to help them become well behaved adults.

Shiba Inu’s can benefit highly from having a job or activity with their owner such as agility work, fly ball, and even being therapy dogs!

If you are interested in Kody and have the time and dedication a puppy will need to succeed then please contact us to schedule a visit with him soon.