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Kodi Kodi

Name : Kodi

Breed : Dachshund/Chihuahua Mix

DOB : 08/10/2020

Gender : Male

Weight : 16.2 lbs

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How can you say “no” to Kodi and Koda?

I mean just look at those big brown eyes and those grins!

Kodi is one part Casanova, one part Mario Andretti, and a dash of Hmmm with a head tilt.

Kodi and his “sister” Koda were found as strays.

We don’t know much about their prior life and they aren’t talking.

Well, actually they are, but we don’t speak dog so that makes it a little challenging.

What we have learned so far is that these siblings love people, back scratches, treats and each other.

They are both pretty active and would probably enjoy sharing walks and active hobbies with you.

We have a feeling that these siblings will also be very content as lap dogs given the time and patience.

They just need a home that will last forever and they are determined to give you love in return.

Do you have room in your forever home for a little bonded duo of Koda and Kodi? They have room in their hearts for you!

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