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Julie Julie

Name : Julie

Breed : Labrador Retriever Mix

DOB : 06/01/2020

Gender : Female

Weight : 62.8 lbs

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Julie has a smile for you.

It could be because she know’s you are the one for her.

You share the same interests like quiet time mixed with a little active fun.

She likes walks on leash taking in all the sniffs and you stop to smell the roses of life.

Julie loves being close to her favorite people and doesn’t think she is too big to be a lap dog.

Turns out that you are just fine with having a doggie lap warmer year round!

She wouldn’t even mind sharing you with another compatible canine if you happen to have one already.

Julie has had enough let downs in life and is ready for a real commitment. Perhaps you are too?

She’s ready to shake on it, so fill out an application today!


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*Julie and her brother Toby were just 6 months old when they first arrived at Briggs. 

They were adopted together, but returned by no fault of their own.