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Josie Josie

Name : Josie

Breed : Terrier Mix

DOB : 07/01/2021

Gender : Female

Weight : 23.8 lbs

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Josie is waiting for her chance.

She wants a chance to show you that black dogs are the absolute best.

That sometimes the last of the litter to be adopted is actually the most special pup of the bunch!

Josie’s siblings Jade, Jocelyn, Jeremy, Jolie and Josh have all found forever families of their own.

With each adoption Josie loses not just a sibling but also one of her bff’s and playmates.

Now, it is Josie’s turn for adoption!

Josie hopes her forever family likes snuggles, giving her gifts of dog toys and especially lots of love.

She would love it if you had a compatible canine for companionship and lots of play sessions!

Josie can’t wait to learn basic obedience and potty training with your help.

Just imagine all the adventures and new things you will experience together.

So hurry before you miss your chance to add a little Josie to your life fur-ever! Fill out that application today!