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Joni Joni

Name : Joni

Breed : Beagle

DOB : 01/04/2021

Gender : Female

Weight : 24.4 lbs

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Jump for Joni!

It’s better than sniffing every blade of grass for her.

We’ll leave that to Joni and her beagle nose.

Joni is the sweet sister of Laverne and Shirley.

Much like her sisters she likes to explore. It must be all those amazing scents in the air!

So, be sure to keep a watchful eye on her in your fenced yard and around exterior doors.

She loves to romp, play and check out the latest sniffs along the way.

Getting her involved with activities that stimulate her mind, nose and body will help to keep her content.

Joni is very smart so be prepared to keep her learning new things with some tasty treats on hand.

You may even try some k9 nosework classes after you wrap up basic obedience training.

Joni just wants to be a big part of your world and a part of your life forever.

So, fill out an application today because love is in the air with Joni!


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