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Irene Irene

Name : Irene

Breed : Labrador Retriever Mix

DOB : 03/13/2021

Gender : Female

Weight : 46.3 lbs

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Meet our AMAZING “Special Needs” puppy Irene.

This adorably sweet little girl is vision impaired, though we think she can see some shadows and movement.

One thing is for sure, Irene sees with her heart.  She has nothing but love, smiles and a sunshiny attitude for you!

Our staff veterinarian believes her vision impairment may be more neurological than congenital.

Although she can’t see much she doesn’t let it get her down or let anyone push her around.

Her siblings Izzy and Irma were adopted and now Irene is just waiting for her chance.

We would like for Irene to go to a home with another compatible dog who can be her “eyes” and best buddy.

Currently, she relies on doggie play group friends for comfort and guidance.

She has great fun running around with them and playing with toys.  We always keep a close eye on her to make sure she stays safe during play.

Potential adopters should consider potential veterinary care costs for Irene as we cannot predict her future healthcare needs.

Most of all, we want Irene to go to a patient and loving forever home where she can safely thrive.

Irene is ready to steal your heart.  She has definitely stolen ours already.

So, if you have the right stuff to give this little girl the life she deserves please fill out an application today!


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