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Ingrid Ingrid

Name : Ingrid

Breed : Ibizan Hound Mix

DOB : 09/15/2018

Gender : Female

Weight : 28.3 lbs

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Ingrid is the very inquisitive sister of Ian and Ireland.

The trio came to Briggs after being rescued from a hoarding situation.

All three of these sweet pups are a little on the cautious side with new people and situations.

Ingrid is a bit more curious and bold than her brother Ian.  She likes to use her paws like hands to get your attention and to play!

She is already becoming even more outgoing than her sister Ireland.

They all love to play with one another and will come over for a pet from their trusted caregivers.

We would like them to go to a quieter household to help them continue on a path to feeling more secure.

They may also benefit from having a more confident dog in the home as a companion.

We will also be requiring 6ft high securely fenced yard for all three of these siblings.

At this time they are not able to routinely walk on a leash with confidence so the fence is needed for their safety.

These siblings are looking for a loving and patient forever home to call their own.

If you are interested in adopting Ingrid please contact us soon.

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