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Hunter Hunter

Name : Hunter

Breed : Beagle/Hound Mix

DOB : 12/01/2016

Gender : Male

Weight : 40.7 lbs

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Hunter says, “Can we skip to the good part?”

You know the part where he is living happily ever after with you.

He knows it is going to take some work to get there and he ready to start.

And, it will all begin with you giving him the chance he deserves.

Much like a lot of shelter dogs Hunter can be a little anxious with new things.

It can come in the form of separation anxiety or even in reactivity when leash walking.

This does not mean Hunter can’t be worked with.

In fact, this boy is very smart and he is eager to learn when you give him the time.

Just think of how far he could go with some dedication, love and training!

After all, don’t we want our dogs to be happy, confident and healthy?

Ideally, Hunter would love a home where his family is retired or telecommutes.

Of course training will be important and you can get creative at building confidence with other activities like K9 nosework, frisbee, agility and more!

Hunter is an amazing athlete and he loves to play so these other activities would really be a fun way to build a bond.

He adores his trusted caregivers here and we cannot wait for you to experience his loving personality.

Just be willing to put in the time and you will see this “bestest” boy transform!

So let’s get Hunter on the road to the “good part” by filling out that application today!


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