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Heidi Heidi

Name : Heidi

Breed : Great Dane

DOB : 08/10/2019

Gender : Female

Weight : 96.7 lbs

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Heidi wants you to make a promise.

And, she wants you to really think about it before you shake her paw on it.

You see, she spent the first two years of her life at the end of a chain with only the occasional table scrap to keep her alive.

It was a seemingly endless cycle of days turning into nights in harsh weather without the slightest amount of love and care.

She arrived in a severely emaciated condition weighing only 67 LBS. (Typical female adult Great Danes weigh well over 110 LBS)

It wasn’t the size of her body which kept her alive it was the size of her heart.

Sheer determination and will to live got her to Briggs and on the road to recovery.

She has slowly gained over 25 lbs in the past few months with us and still has more to go.

With an increase in health Heidi’s personality has blossomed!

She is friendly, energetic, playful and still has that big heart to win you over too.

Heidi is ready to start life 2.0 with the right family and cannot wait to live the life she should have from the start.

You should be patient, kind, loving and willing to help her learn all the things she missed out on so far.

It’s a long list of things to catch up on but imagine the bond you will build together and the fun you will have!

Heidi will need to continue a special veterinary diet at home in order to help her properly digest her food and maintain a healthy weight.

Our Veterinarian has her on a strict diet of the following:

  • Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets HA Hydrolyzed Vegetarian Formula Dry Dog Food
  • PANCREZYME® Powder

Potential adopters should consider the costs associated with supporting Heidi’s special dietary needs as they are of utmost importance to her health.

So are you ready to make a promise to Heidi to give her unconditional love, a healthy veterinary diet and a forever home?

Heidi has her paw out and she is ready to shake on it so fill out that application today!