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Harley Harley

Name : Harley

Breed : Maltese/Yorkie Mix

DOB : 09/01/2015

Gender : Male

Weight : 14 lbs

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Harley is a “Special Needs” dog who will need an experienced owner.

He came to Briggs from another local shelter where his prior owners had surrendered him.

Harley has shown some fear aggression when new people enter his area. His tendency is to charge and bark loudly at strangers who approach what he considers his territory.

We’ve even seen him lunge and snap once or twice which rules out Harley going to a home where any children will be living or even visiting the home.  The good news is that Harley does respond to a firm “NO” and positive reinforcement from strangers (such as a treat) when they do meet him.

Harley’s adopter(s) need to be experienced so that they do not allow this type of behavior to escalate. Once he gets to know new people, he’s friendly and all over them wanting to play and cuddle. It’s just that initial reaction that is the issue with Harley.

We are currently working with him on these protective/territorial responses to new people. He’s already showing some positive strides especially while walking on a leash.

Harley gets along with other dogs and cats in the vet room where he resides. Living in the vet room allows him the opportunity to have a quieter environment and socialize with other animals on a daily basis.

Harley enjoys car rides, playing with toys and he even knows a few commands!  And, have you seen that smile?

Harley is a great dog who just needs a little help to become his best self.