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Groot Groot

Name : Groot

Breed : Domestic Long-Hair

DOB : 04/10/2019

Gender : Male

Weight : 14.15 lbs

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I am Groot.

When I was just a wee kitten I was adopted from the BAAC into a loving home.

Unfortunately, my owner had to bring me back recently because he could no longer physically care for me.

I was kinda nervous to be back at first, but I am already making new friends.

The human ones are pretty great.  They have already figured out that I like to warm up on the nearest lap and really love to be brushed.

I mean a fella doesn’t naturally wake up looking this good!  So, I hope you are ready to be my my personal Glam Squad.

I will help out of course by providing the purrs of encouragement and maybe a little contented drool on occasion.

Sorry about the drool part.  But, hey, that brush feels good!

The word in the cattery is that I am a Norwegian Forest Cat mix.

I guess people think I meow with an accent?

All I know is that I do love to “talk” to you with all sorts of happy noises just to get your attention.

I can’t wait to be back in a home again and I really hope this time is forever.

In the meantime I will be here getting to know the peasants (cats) and interviewing them for my personal assistant position.

Hey, one can never have too many assistants right?

So, send in your resume to me today and be sure to include references of the previous felines you have served.

Oh, sorry, the staff here said it is actually called an “application for adoption.” Silly humans. Don’t they know who I am?

I am Groot!


To see additional photos of me head on over to my Petfinder page by clicking here.

Just be sure to come back to my BAAC page to fill out an adoption application or information request.